Teamwork is indispensable. The scope and complexity of tasks require division of labor. Aggregated knowledge and complementary skills create synergies that far surpass the sum of individual efforts.

For leadership teams, cohesive collaboration is essential as they act as catalysts for the success of the entire organization. Great achievements are never the result of individuals alone but are the outcome of excellent teamwork.

What makes your team unique? What can each individual contribute to the team? What vision and values do you share? How determined are you to achieve success? What can you learn from "super teams"?

20HERTZ Executive Team Development analyzes the chemistry and dynamics of your leadership team. Together with you, it defines the mode of operation for your collaboration, maximizing the utilization of individual strengths. It helps you reliably identify and eliminate potential points of friction.

20HERTZ Executive Team Development accompanies you on your journey towards becoming a high-performance team.

„When spiders weave in concert, they can tie up a lion.“ Ethiopian proverb.

Wherever people work together, conflicts arise. This is not only okay but necessary. When conflicts are addressed and resolved, better solutions emerge. Few things are more unifying than resolved conflicts.

However, sometimes leadership teams become entangled. The team chemistry becomes toxic. Executives refuse to communicate with each other. Managers solely pursue the interests of their respective areas of responsibility. Silo mentality flourishes within the organization, and power games manifest openly or behind the scenes. Those who should collaborate end up acting dysfunctional alongside or even against each other.

Unresolved conflicts in leadership teams not only affect employees but also the involved executives themselves, as well as customers and the overall performance of the company.

20HERTZ Conflict Coaching approaches all team members on an equal footing. Conflicts are addressed openly and respectfully. Through confidential individual conversations, mediation, individual and team coaching, the causes of conflict are identified and a new foundation for constructive collaboration will be defined collaboratively.

20HERTZ Conflict Coaching guides conflict-ridden leadership teams towards a new, constructive, and cohesive way of working together.

„Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." Henry Ford

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