Humans only hear frequencies above 20HERTZ.
To really understand, though, you also need to sense the vibrations below it.
20HERTZ – Deeper Understanding of Leadership
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Why 20HERTZ?

What makes 20HERTZ unique and how each client benefits.

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The recipe for success of top teams?

Togehter ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results.

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Ready to step out of the comfort zone?

Leadership challenge – the right sparring partner helps.

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Who is 20HERTZ?

Dr. KarstenWetwitschka – the person behind the brand.

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20 Hertz
Dr. Karsten Wetwitschka
Zur Sielwiese 8
25337 Kölln-Reisiek
+49 4121 898 99 05
+49 173 884 94 46
20 Hertz   20 Hertz